Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boy's Club by Sean T. Collins

Andy is funny
Brett is funky
Landwolf is drunk
Pepe is hungry

Together they are the stars of the funniest comic series in the world.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Captain Caveman by Rickey

I like my cavemen with big dumb grins and monkey feet. RESPECK.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Captain Caveman by Ben Morse

Look, if an image of Batman in caveman times starts making the rounds around the same time we're drawing Captain Caveman here, I'm just going to do what comes natural...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dino-Bat in Time by Rickey

Bruce Wayne coulda been transformed into a dinosaur by the Omega Effect, right?

Boys Club by Zach Oat

First of all, I need to thank Sean T. Collins. Not only did he create Destructor, he's introduced me to literally dozens of indie comics I would never have known about otherwise. So when he chose Boys Club by Matt Furie to be the next subject on the LAW blog, I looked it up and was blown away. Four guys (A frog, a... wolfman? A... bear? Some other thing?) just hanging around, eating, drinking, doing drugs, being naked, spouting catchphrases and vomiting. Funniest shit ever. I was particuarly intrigued by the wolfman-looking character, Landwolf, whose appearance I can only assume is inspired by Teen Wolf. In homage to the T-Wolf, I drew the following:

It's Landwolf in Teen Wolf's basketball uniform, about to dunk over the heads of his friends Andy, Brett and Pepe. I have no idea which is which. Hope you all like it.

Shaving Captain Caveman by Sean T. Collins

LAW goes NSFW! I tried to make this as creepy as Rob's drawing of the Captain. Did I succeed? I think the scrotal stubble is the kicker.

Orko Revealed by Sean T. Collins

Taking a cue from TJ, who He-Man-ified Orko's torso, I decided to Skeletorize his face. Orko revealing he was a double agent the whole time then stabbing Prince Adam in his sleep would have made a great ending to the cartoon.

Batman of Gondor by Sean T. Collins

J.R.R. Tolkien treated his Middle-earth mythology like it took place on the Earth we know, in an ancient time lost to history. So technically, the Omega Effect could have transported Batman to Numenor in the Second Age. You just know he'd have resisted Sauron's corruption, fled the destruction of the island kingdom with Elendil, helped found Gondor and Arnor, and gone on to become an inspiring symbol of good. So that's why I drew the emblem of the Kings of Gondor with the Bat-symbol in place of the White Tree. It's not because I can't draw Batman himself, no sir.