Sunday, February 28, 2010

Destructor by Ryan

Destructor's a wicked cool robot. I love robots. I love hamburgers. I love hamburgers that have silly names because there's all kinds of junk and stuff on 'em. Oh, and Sean's a vegetarian and Destructor's his baby, so I threw a veggie burger in there. Mmmmm, hamburgers for robots.

p.s. How about that Photoshop coloring, eh? Sweet, right?

Orko Redux by Zach Oat

This week we'll be expanding the scope of the LAW Blog to include characters NOT created by LAW members. The first lucky winner? Fricking Orko from Masters of the Universe. Don't ask me how he won -- it's a long story that involves bourbon, a nostalgic YouTube video and no small amount of emotional blackmail. And while I respect Orko as a person, I hate the way that he looks. Looking at him and hating him, I decided to see what I could do to make him cooler. This was the result.

First, I decided that Orko needed legs, because only losers hover. And since he was going to get tired walking around, I gave him a horse. Specifically, I gave him He-Man's robot horse, Stridor. And I gave him Castle Grayskull to live in, too. Basically, I gave Orko He-Man's entire TV show, because if Orko had legs, a horse and a cool castle, he'd be much, much cooler than a half-naked barbarian. And for the first time, I think my sketch looks better in color!

Call him Vampire Hunter O. Hopefully, other bloggers will draw Orko the way he really looks, because my sketch really isn't the best way to kick off Orko week. I'd say buy a Orko comic, but I'd rather you bought Hero House.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Des-truc-tor?! I barely know her! by Matt P.

It's my goal to make every one of my post titles a pun. We'll see how I fare.

With this piece, I originally wanted to go with a Andy Warhol-esque Campbell soup theme (hence the four boxes) However, I just chose to go with four different poses of Destructor from my bud, STC's comic.

In retrospect it looks very "class picture" like, but I'm still pretty pleased. Really, I'm just glad to be sketching again.

Destructor by Rob Bricken

I ponied up for a sketch pad last weekend, and a new set of problems have arisen. Why is it scanning in a variety of beiges and whites? Why aren't my pencil marks erasing that well? Why am I so terrible at perspective? Questions for the ages. Still, drawing STC's Destructor was hella fun, not just because it's a great comic, but because Destructor is a fabulous design. Still, I think I might prefer an anarchy logo on his stomach instead of the star, but that's probably just me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Destructor by David

If you stare at the horizon for too long all you can see is fire.

Magnadoodle Destructor by TJ Dietsch

I didn't intend to double dip this time around, but I was babysitting yesterday and the kid brought out a Magnadoodle, which compelled me to try my hand at Destructor again. I think Sean should definitely consider turning this whole thing into a kid's book.

King Suckerman's take on Destructor

These are just straight-up pencils I tinkered with a tad in Photoshop to increase the contrast and mimic (as best I can) the sketchy, gritty quality of Sean and Matt's original strip. I love the design of Destructor and the other characters in the story, so this was a lot of fun to draw.

Destructor by Rickey Purdin

I've always wanted to draw Destructor. Maybe even a little Destructor strip if Sean will have me one day when I stop sucking so hard. The Prison Break story was filled with so many awesome character designs that I can hardly stand it. Just a pure design bonanza. I fucking love comics and KNOW this isn't my last Destructor drawing. Here's Destructor, Tarkor, and a Mer-soldier leaping into action along with my favorite line from the strip.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Destructor vs. Croc-Man by Zach Oat

When I first read Sean's "Destructor Comes to Croc Town," I was blown away. I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn't missed something, some clue to the enigma that was Destructor, but I hadn't. Destructor was simply a metal can of awesome, and he kicked crocodile-man ass. I was going to do an Iron Man tribute cover, having been inspired by Ben Morse's ode to Tales of Suspense, but in the end I just had to do the comic's great, mostly wordless story justice, and show Destructor locked in mortal combat with a massive Croc-Man.

This is the moment when his arm is torn off, and the Croc-Man has yet to learn that that was not necessarily the best move to make. Not only does Destructor now have a five-fingered wingman, he's got a blunt instrument to swing. The scene as drawn by Matt Wiegle is awesome, which is why I tried to computer-color it, in an attempt to do more than lamely imitate Wiegle's amazing art. Eh. Not my forte. Here it is anyway.

Read "Destructor in: Prison Break," then buy both Destructor adventures in Murder.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I LOVVVVE Matt Weigel's Destructor from the Sean T. Collins comic of the same name. Something about the art is right up my alley...if we were speaking in terms of music, Destructor would be considered in my register. I drew Destructor fighting the only robot I've ever created (in 7th grade), which itself must be some kind of Scud rip-off, but I can't remember. I don't think it was on purpose, anyway.

My robot (which, for over 15 years now, has no name) is taking Destructor apart piece by piece, the sad lunk that he is. I felt bad about having my character win this battle after I drew it, sort of like that short story where the kid defeats his father in a wrestling match as an adult, and gets sort of sad and wistful about life and shit like that.

This sketch has a major technical error of Liefeld-ian proportions, which I'll leave you to figure out. It's a mistake I make all the time.

The art in Destructor reminds me of my first comic convention, and this little indie, stapled-together comic I picked up called "Skank the Chimp." My first exposure to stapled-together, indie comics. I was really into SKA at the time, and this rude-boy, scooter riding chimp was indeed appealing. I bought a Skank the Chimp t-shirt, and became known as "Skank" at school because the shirt was so "quirky" and "outsidery" in my backwoods town. I wonder if that indie creator knows how much mileage and lifeblood I got out of his character. A Google search for Skank the Chimp reveals 0 results.

Destructor & Friends by TJ Dietsch

Hey gang, after peeping Zach's homage image of Geist, I decided to give it a shot by copying one of my all time favorite artists in the history of art by doing Sean T. Collins' Destructor by ripping off Jim Steranko's oft-copied Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1. I even got my ruler out to try and get those stacked boxes in fighting shape, but when I went over them in ink I used freehand hence the shaky-at-best lines. To fill out the rest of the characters I used the stories Destructor Comes To Croc Town and Prison Break for reference. There's a croc soldier with monocle/scope eye on top from Croc, one of the mouse soldiers, The Brain and one of the domed dudes from the end of Prison Break. And of course Destructor who should have been much bigger. My anatomy leaves much to be desired, but here it is in all it's black and white "glory."

Not being able to leave the base line of well enough alone, I decided to try and color the thing on Photoshop. I didn't do a very good job as there are lots of white spots and I just left the figures non-colored because it was just too fine. So, here you go. My apologies to Steranko, Sean and artist Matt Wiegle who kicks ass on these strips.

King Suckerman's take on GEIST.

Feel that.

Destructor by Ben Morse

Inspired by Zach's homage last week, I decided to do my own, casting Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle's character, Destructor, as Iron Man from his first appearance:

Destructor is a super-fun character to draw and I'm quite pleased with how this came out, with the exception of getting cocky with the logo and thinking I could do it straight off with ink then screwing up the "S".

Check yourself out some Destructor here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Geist by Ryan

I wasn't sure I'd participate in this. I mean, I can't draw for shit. I mean, I REALLY can't draw worth a damn--especially when it comes to humanoid things.

But then, I had this idea. Why not draw the food that comes to mind when I think about the character in question? That'd be goofy and ridiculous and maybe let me get past my own insecurities about drawing.

So what made me draw a G-shaped pudding pop as my entry for Geist? I thought--and this is completely true--"Geist? Hmm. A ghost. A ghost? Ghost Dad! Haha...fucking Ghost Dad. Hmm. Bill Cosby. Ah! Pudding Pops!" So this is the result of that whole...thing. Geist brand puddin' pops.

Geist by Jesse T.

Hey gang, my name's Jesse, and I'm an editor with First off, I must apologize to everyone reading, as I am by far the worst excuse for an artist you're gonna find on this blog. (Seriously, I haven't even attempted a doodle in 5-6 years.) But I'm obviously in very good company and am honored to share the LAW stage. And taking a stab at a drawering was actually a lot of fun.

For this piece, my main concern was just making a recognizable Geist. He wound up looking exactly like Christopher Walken instead, but I'll lie and claim that was intentional. I used a charcoal pencil on drafting paper, and that's an actual sticker for the T-shirt on his chest. I was trying to hint at some of the more heavy-duty stuff that Justin plans to address with the character, but the Beetlejuice quote seemed like a natural fit for Geist's personality.

Geist by Chris Ward

Hi guys, I'm Chris Ward. I mostly don't do shit all day. I'm a little late to the party, but here's my version of Justin Aclin's Geist (apparently short for "Poltergeist," not "Brandi Geist," a girl that went to my school).

In it, I project my only fantasy I've ever had about the power to walk through walls: going into a women's locker room. If I were Geist, this is all I would ever, ever do. Try to stop me. You can't. I just go back through the wall while you're looking for a door. A close second would be phasing through turnstiles at Six Flags, because I hate turnstiles and have an irrational fear of something getting pinched in them. It also really bugs me that they only go one way, and this sets off my OCD something awful because a lot of my OCD quirks hinge on things doubling back the same way.

For example: if I get out of a car and walk around to the gas station pump, I need to walk the exact same way going back, and I even need to get back in the car a certain way. If I were Geist and I phased through a wall into a women's locker room, I'd need to double back the exact way I came. If you knew this about me, it would be the only way to catch me with a net. Also, I'm terrible at drawing naked women. When I was a child I would try to draw breasts and then I would furiously erase them and rip up the paper into a thousand pieces and swear I'd never do it again because I felt so ashamed. Although this isn't the sole reason I'm terrible at drawing breasts, it's got to be one of the reasons. I could never practice without the terrible guilt that came along with it.

Geist by Jon Gutierrez

I figure'd I'd try a mugshot profile of Geist, although I've never seen a campus police station has old-timey mugshots. (They presumably have an old-timey wild west photo booth, too.) And based on the amount he's chubbed up since the other drawings, I'm assuming he's being booked for Grand Theft Fluffernutters.

Like all the other Law bloggers, I'm definitely not a professional artist, mainly because I hate drawing hands enough to just leave that placard floating in front of him.

And for my plug: I'm a writer/performer with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and I write comedy videos for, which you can see on my blog.

Geist by Mel Caylo

Hello, LAW-abiding citizens! My name is Mel Caylo and I'm the marketing manager at indie comics publisher, Archaia Entertainment, based in sunny LA. Like some of my fellow LAW-yers, I cannot draw to save my life, but since this isn't a life-or-death situation, I will gladly add my shameful rendition of Geist to the collection. I am very proud of Justin for persevering and seeing Hero House through. Please buy it and read it!

A couple of things about my "drawing." I decided to draw Geist throwing the Shocker hand sign. Sue me. I also have him wearing an ironic t-shirt because Rob Bricken already drew Geist with a Justin Aclin t-shirt. And like TJ, I, too, don't know how to draw feet, so the wispy entrails of a ghost were much easier to sketch. I did this "drawing" at my desk in the office after 5 p.m. on a Friday, so if it looks rushed, it is.


Geistspell by Sean

I am not an artist. Heh, to a fault. But I am a doodler, and this drawing was made with my preferred media: Uniball pen on blank white paper. And it's a reference to my preferred musical: Godspell.

What happened was that I didn't just want to ape the angular eyebrows and sinister grin Geist sports on the Hero House cover. So I drew his mouth into what I thought was going to be a sneer. Then I inverted his eyebrows so he'd look worried rather than pissed off. This had the effect of making his "sneer" look like a plea for help. Combine this with the off-model length I gave his ratty hair and that prominent Hero House logo on his t-shirt, and I started thinking of Jesus and his Superman shirt during the crucifixion in Stephen Schwartz's wonderful musical. A few paraphrased quotes from the lyrics to "Finale" and boom, a sketch with cross-market appeal to both superhero fans and musical theater devotees. Since the LAW includes several of both, including Geist's creator Justin, I figured this would be spun gold.

He's a hero in dis-GEIST! BY Matt P.

Well I made it. Somehow.

This blog is making me sketch again, which is cool and kinda scary considering I've lost what little drawing prowess I've had. However, I love the idea (and the 80s) so here's my Geist complete with mullet and confirmation that 1984 apparently ruled.

Also since everyone is plugging away, check out my blog Saturday Morning is Awesome! where talk about everything cool that i can remember about my saturday mornings; from toys to food and classic commercials.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Geist-meister! by David

Geist's favorite book is The Amboy Dukes by Irving Schulman.

(I took a photo of this cos i don't have a scanner!)

Geist by Ben Morse

Hello, I'm Ben Morse, assistant editor of, contributor to The Cool Kids Table, yada yada yada.

So when I thought about my approach to Geist, I figured the other guys had kinda covered the zany fun-loving stuff, so I'd go for a more "He's a vampire tilt." Whether owing to me not pulling it off or the character just being too inherently fun to go full horror with (though I'm sure some people could quite well) I ended up maybe halfway there. I'll cop to borrowing the hands from Tony Daniel's cover to Teen Titans #37 (hands are tough, yo) and of course using the concept art Justin has shown elsewhere, but the rest is mostly me.

No idea how that Medusa mullet happened.

Anyhow, as you should know by this point, if you're digging any of these or if you're not, go buy Hero House. Now.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Geist by Zach Oat

I wanted to do an homage for my piece, and the minute I started to think about famous comic covers to emulate, Silver Surfer #4 popped into my head, with Thor fighting the Surfer. Mostly because it's so damn famous, but also because it had a flying character fighting a standing character, which worked for Geist and his opponent, whoever he was going to be. I almost made it Turbine, but then I decided to go with Brutal, since he's bulky like Thor and he has a bad history with Geist.

This is the first thing I've drawn in a looong time. You can check out all my old comic strips at my old Angelfire site, and of course, you can buy Justin Aclin's Hero House on Amazon.

Geist by Rickey Purdin

I love horror movies on video tape and I would love to watch Geist star in his own horror film - preferably on video tape. You hear that, Hollywood? Make me happy.
Click on the image for the bigger, more detailed version!

Geist by Adam Tracey

Hi kids! I'm Adam Tracey and I'm a freelance writer for's "The Goods" channel about all the stuff that makes geekdom so damned materialistic (toys, DVDs, t-shirts, etc.) and therefore so damned fun!

I am an incredibly awful artist. Seriously. No, it's not quite clear yet: I suck at drawing, sketching, doodling... My best work almost always involves rulers and/or protractors. So when TJ asked us to contribute to a sketch blog, I was nervous. But when the inaugural subject was announced -- Justin Aclin's Geist from Hero House -- I was psyched!

You see, Geist and I are kindred spirits (pardon the pun). We're both what you might call "professional drinkers." So I knew that I could use my 8-year-old style of drawring to capture this guzzling ghoul in a way that does justice to his character traits. I imagine that if Geist and I were to become friends and party together, this is one of the last things I'd see before blacking out. Well, this and Rob Bricken yelling at Geist not to "bogart that bottle!"
Told you I was bad. But dammit if I'm not proud as hell of this horribly drawn picture. Plus, I really enjoyed tracing that bottle of Patron from a magazine ad. Hope you dig it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Geist by Rob Bricken

Hey, folks. I'm Rob, editor of Topless Robot, and as the rest of the LAWyers will tell you, the least informed on American comics in the group. That said, I'd been wanting to get back into sketching for a little while now — just for kicks, since I'm kind of terrible at it — and I don't think I'd be any more terrible at drawing American comics characters than I would anything else. Plus, my buddy Justin Aclin's Hero House is awesome. So there.

I apologize for the smudges; I was drawing on printer paper since I don't have a sketch pad yet. Also, I can't draw hands; I don't know what I'll do when the character isn't a ghost. Also, I would totally wear an ACLIN shirt were one made.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Geist by TJ Dietsch

To kick things off here at the LAW Blog, we decided on one of the greatest new characters to hit stands recently. That's right, none other than Geist from our buddy Justin Aclin's Hero House from Arcana. Buy your very own copy here! Since this whole thing was kind of my idea, I figured I'd take first crack and here's the result.
I don't consider myself anything close to an artist but I had a great time drawing this guy. His somewhat cartoonish features (no eye details or legs) made this even easier for me. As you can see by the gentleman leaning against the wall at the bottom of the piece, I'm not much good at drawing feet. The layout just kind of popped into my head and after playing around with the angles, I decided on this one. I'm pretty happy with it with a few exceptions, but I'll leave those for you guys to find. Oh, also, I hope Justin doesn't mind that I drew his characters swiping booze from a liquor store, but I just couldn't resist.

If you liked this post, check out my blog UnitedMonkee! Sorry, I just can't resist a good plug.


We here at the LAW Blog know a good idea when we see one. And we've seen enough weekly, character-specific art blogs popping up like ComicTwart to figure we should get in on the game. Now, don't be mistaken, we're not professional artists by any means, but we like to have fun with our pens and pencils.