Monday, February 22, 2010

Geist by Ryan

I wasn't sure I'd participate in this. I mean, I can't draw for shit. I mean, I REALLY can't draw worth a damn--especially when it comes to humanoid things.

But then, I had this idea. Why not draw the food that comes to mind when I think about the character in question? That'd be goofy and ridiculous and maybe let me get past my own insecurities about drawing.

So what made me draw a G-shaped pudding pop as my entry for Geist? I thought--and this is completely true--"Geist? Hmm. A ghost. A ghost? Ghost Dad! Haha...fucking Ghost Dad. Hmm. Bill Cosby. Ah! Pudding Pops!" So this is the result of that whole...thing. Geist brand puddin' pops.


Ben Morse said...


Jesse T. said...

Oh man, what if Geist and Bill Cosby as "Ghost Dad" could endorse pudding pops TOGETHER?

Kropinak said...

I like your train of thought.

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