Monday, February 22, 2010

Geist by Jon Gutierrez

I figure'd I'd try a mugshot profile of Geist, although I've never seen a campus police station has old-timey mugshots. (They presumably have an old-timey wild west photo booth, too.) And based on the amount he's chubbed up since the other drawings, I'm assuming he's being booked for Grand Theft Fluffernutters.

Like all the other Law bloggers, I'm definitely not a professional artist, mainly because I hate drawing hands enough to just leave that placard floating in front of him.

And for my plug: I'm a writer/performer with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and I write comedy videos for, which you can see on my blog.


Zach Oat said...

I love how many artists (I am no exception) draw characters that look like them. Albino vampire Jon Gutierrez is frightening, especially since we used to be roommates.

Justin said...

I've definitely been perusing the entries on here to figure out who draws people who look like them. Always fascinating!

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