Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Destructor by Ben Morse

Inspired by Zach's homage last week, I decided to do my own, casting Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle's character, Destructor, as Iron Man from his first appearance:

Destructor is a super-fun character to draw and I'm quite pleased with how this came out, with the exception of getting cocky with the logo and thinking I could do it straight off with ink then screwing up the "S".

Check yourself out some Destructor here.


Sean T. Collins said...

He does in fact do all three of those things.

Awesome, Ben!

Justin said...

Nice job!

Rickey said...

Hahaha! GREAT!

TJ Dietsch said...

Dude, very nice. I like to think he's actually holding a microphone and singing the song that Jay's cousin sings in Clerks.

"My love for you is ticking clock/BERSERKER."

Zach Oat said...

I thought he was holding a Dove bar. It adds another layer of whimsy to the piece.

But seriously, great job, Ben -- now I want do an Iron Man tribute, too! I'm gonna have to raid my collection for an obscure one.

Rickey said...

Your slanted exclamation points are haunting. The Q freaks me out a little, too.

I really like this, Ben. Give it to me.

Ben Morse said...

Thanks, gang!

Doesn't it look like he's at karaoke night? I thought the same thing. I suck at shading so I half-ripped that right from the Iron Man cover, but it didn't translate perfect. Fuck it, it's fun.

I can't take credit for those slanted exclamation marks, those are from the original cover too.

Bidding starts at $50, Rickey.

Rickey said...

I'll start my bidding at "pass" then.

Do I hear "pass"?

Sean T. Collins said...

This piece makes me realize that that Iron Man cover pose is one of the all time great cover poses. He looks like he's ready to play a little chin music to any and all comers. That is the body language of someone who can't WAIT to fuck you up.

Kropinak said...

That is a haunting face, Ben - I like this a lot.

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