Friday, February 19, 2010

Geist by Adam Tracey

Hi kids! I'm Adam Tracey and I'm a freelance writer for's "The Goods" channel about all the stuff that makes geekdom so damned materialistic (toys, DVDs, t-shirts, etc.) and therefore so damned fun!

I am an incredibly awful artist. Seriously. No, it's not quite clear yet: I suck at drawing, sketching, doodling... My best work almost always involves rulers and/or protractors. So when TJ asked us to contribute to a sketch blog, I was nervous. But when the inaugural subject was announced -- Justin Aclin's Geist from Hero House -- I was psyched!

You see, Geist and I are kindred spirits (pardon the pun). We're both what you might call "professional drinkers." So I knew that I could use my 8-year-old style of drawring to capture this guzzling ghoul in a way that does justice to his character traits. I imagine that if Geist and I were to become friends and party together, this is one of the last things I'd see before blacking out. Well, this and Rob Bricken yelling at Geist not to "bogart that bottle!"
Told you I was bad. But dammit if I'm not proud as hell of this horribly drawn picture. Plus, I really enjoyed tracing that bottle of Patron from a magazine ad. Hope you dig it!


Zach Oat said...

Oh, Adam, you lovable boozehound. Great job.

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