Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I LOVVVVE Matt Weigel's Destructor from the Sean T. Collins comic of the same name. Something about the art is right up my alley...if we were speaking in terms of music, Destructor would be considered in my register. I drew Destructor fighting the only robot I've ever created (in 7th grade), which itself must be some kind of Scud rip-off, but I can't remember. I don't think it was on purpose, anyway.

My robot (which, for over 15 years now, has no name) is taking Destructor apart piece by piece, the sad lunk that he is. I felt bad about having my character win this battle after I drew it, sort of like that short story where the kid defeats his father in a wrestling match as an adult, and gets sort of sad and wistful about life and shit like that.

This sketch has a major technical error of Liefeld-ian proportions, which I'll leave you to figure out. It's a mistake I make all the time.

The art in Destructor reminds me of my first comic convention, and this little indie, stapled-together comic I picked up called "Skank the Chimp." My first exposure to stapled-together, indie comics. I was really into SKA at the time, and this rude-boy, scooter riding chimp was indeed appealing. I bought a Skank the Chimp t-shirt, and became known as "Skank" at school because the shirt was so "quirky" and "outsidery" in my backwoods town. I wonder if that indie creator knows how much mileage and lifeblood I got out of his character. A Google search for Skank the Chimp reveals 0 results.


Ben Morse said...

Two left hands.

SWEET sketch though.

Chris Ward said...


Jesse T. said...

That thing's practically Dorkin-esque!

Sean T. Collins said...

Believe it or not, eventually Destructor will face a robot that takes him down in just such a manner. Stay tuned!

Zach Oat said...

I love that you created a robot that looked like Scud. I once "created" a devil character that looked like Hellboy. I'm waiting until Mike Mignola retires, then I'm bringing him back.

Kropinak said...

Aww...poor Destructor. What a pained expression he has.

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