Monday, February 22, 2010

Geist by Mel Caylo

Hello, LAW-abiding citizens! My name is Mel Caylo and I'm the marketing manager at indie comics publisher, Archaia Entertainment, based in sunny LA. Like some of my fellow LAW-yers, I cannot draw to save my life, but since this isn't a life-or-death situation, I will gladly add my shameful rendition of Geist to the collection. I am very proud of Justin for persevering and seeing Hero House through. Please buy it and read it!

A couple of things about my "drawing." I decided to draw Geist throwing the Shocker hand sign. Sue me. I also have him wearing an ironic t-shirt because Rob Bricken already drew Geist with a Justin Aclin t-shirt. And like TJ, I, too, don't know how to draw feet, so the wispy entrails of a ghost were much easier to sketch. I did this "drawing" at my desk in the office after 5 p.m. on a Friday, so if it looks rushed, it is.



Zach Oat said...

Dammit, Mel, you do your sketchin' during working hours like the rest of us!

Mel Caylo said...

It may have been after 5 p.m. but I WAS still working, Zach! ;-)

Zach Oat said...

Good boy. Wait, 5 pm EST or PST?

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