Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All-Star Warriors by Rickey

Our next theme is actually The Warriors, the classic Walter Hill film, as chosen by TJ.

I cheated and tossed together an all-star Warriors team made up of (from left to right) wrestler "Road WARRIOR Animal," Mel's Gibson's Road WARRIOR "Mad Max," the Wizard Master kid from Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream WARRIORS, Swan from the WARRIORS, wrestler The Ultimate WARRIOR, and Antonio Banderas's 13th WARRIOR.

So many hardcore much ass to stomp.


Ben Morse said...


Kropinak said...

You KNOW I love ragtag teams of misfits!!

Kid Elemnt said...

Simply fantastic! It has wrestlers! It's like a butch ragtag League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Jesse T. said...

It's like the greatest issue of Justice League Task Force that was never published!

Unknown said...

What, no Guy Gardner?

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