Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Captain Caveman Was Here

I used to watch this show all the time when I was a kid, but I only remember three things: he had hot sidekicks, he screamed a lot, and he beat people over the fucking head. That was my favorite part. This is the Captain Caveman head smash ambush in advertisement form. Everyone seems to be having a great time, which is the magic of advertising. It's also the magic of Mel Caylo, who had the Captain Caveman idea for this week's post. Click for bigger version.


Zach Oat said...

I don't know why I love the Captain Morgan character so much. A benevolent pirate who helps you have a good time? Awesome. Also awesomely parodied in a Strangers With Candy episode.

Oh, and this? This is brilliant. Now I'm picturing a Captain America one, where you can tell he's been there because he's given everyone popsicles.

Chris Ward said...

I'm in love with your profile pic...where did you get that done??!? Did you draw it?

Zach Oat said...

Ruben Procopio, the ex-Disney animator-turned-sculptor who co-wrote Pop Sculpture with me, drew it for the book. When we launched the blog, I switched over.

Sean T. Collins said...

I do not want a little of this Captain in me.

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