Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pfft, Orko...more like, Dorko. by Matt P.

I remember being really into He-Man as a kid (btw, I would have loved to have seen the marketing meeting to see the guy who actually came up with the idea to name the show "He-Man." I'm sure the office threw him a free lunch that day.) and I don't really much care for it now. So I don't have any kind of real attachment to the characters more than the main characters, their wacky names, and crazy costumes.

I drew this from a random picture online found here I like the graytones and just smudged it with my finger to give some color contrast. To add a little magic, I just erased in the letters at the top left to read "Orko" as if they appeared from nowhere.

I would like to point out in my search for reference I found this awesome Orko drawn by UK artist, Rob Jackson on his blog.


Ben Morse said...

Nice stuff, Matty. Just how I told TJ I dug the sword in his because I suck at drawing weapons, so it is here with the hands.

Rickey said...

YOU'RE a Master of the Universe.

Jesse T. said...

I like to think that Orko is chastising Rio Blast's sense of style here.

Zach Oat said...

I like to think he's quoting one of my favorite lines from Transmetropolitan (approximate):

"Are you even a human being? Can you read? Do you have thumbs? Show them to me! Show me your fucking thumbs!"

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