Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy Stained Glass, Batman! Matt P.

Even though it seems like everyone in Gotham has to have seen The Batman at least once in their life, I like the idea of him being a mythical figure. With the theme of a time-lost Batman, I imagine he'd like to keep a low profile when taking out the bad guys to, y'know, not throw off the whole space-time continuum.

So the first idea that came to mind was, "What if someone one happened to catch a glimpse of the Caped Crusader?" So if Bats ran through Medieval times, I bet his insignia would catch the eye of an onlooker and inspire them to create a stained glass image as a tribute or just as a cool idea. I wanted it to be simple and was really pleased with the outcome.

Also, Here's some other cool stained glass images I came across.

Here's the Photoshop color version to give you the full effect:


Ben Morse said...

Granted I'm color blind, so that may be why, but I really really like the black and white version. Looks almost like a historical photo dug up in an old paper or something.

Neat twist, Matteo.

Anonymous said...

Nice work man. Way to think outside the box.

Zach Oat said...

I smell a DC Comics storyline: "The Church of Batman." After living for millennia, Batman dies and comes back to life, and is naturally worshipped as a God. Hey, remember in the Marvel 2099 books when everyone worshipped Thor? Good times.

Ben Morse said...

Yeah, I always got a chuckle reading Spider-Man 2099 and seeing cultists who were basically Thor fans.

Sean T. Collins said...


Kropinak said...

Great concept!

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