Monday, February 22, 2010

Geist by Jesse T.

Hey gang, my name's Jesse, and I'm an editor with First off, I must apologize to everyone reading, as I am by far the worst excuse for an artist you're gonna find on this blog. (Seriously, I haven't even attempted a doodle in 5-6 years.) But I'm obviously in very good company and am honored to share the LAW stage. And taking a stab at a drawering was actually a lot of fun.

For this piece, my main concern was just making a recognizable Geist. He wound up looking exactly like Christopher Walken instead, but I'll lie and claim that was intentional. I used a charcoal pencil on drafting paper, and that's an actual sticker for the T-shirt on his chest. I was trying to hint at some of the more heavy-duty stuff that Justin plans to address with the character, but the Beetlejuice quote seemed like a natural fit for Geist's personality.


Justin said...

I like it! You sell yourself short, babe.

Ben Morse said...

Christopher Walken as Geist! Book it!

Cool, JT.

Zach Oat said...


Kropinak said...

Nice shirt! I'm hearing Kenan Thompson's "Kenan and Kel" character screaming "Whyyyyyyy????"

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