Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We here at the LAW Blog know a good idea when we see one. And we've seen enough weekly, character-specific art blogs popping up like ComicTwart to figure we should get in on the game. Now, don't be mistaken, we're not professional artists by any means, but we like to have fun with our pens and pencils.


Zach Oat said...

To be exact, we're mostly writers. But isn't writing just drawing pictures with words? ...No? It's not? Crap.

Ben Morse said...

It's amazing that we're all working on this idea that TJ apparently doesn't have for another two years.

Zach Oat said...

"In the distant future, when the Mayan apocalypse has rendered traditional writing impossible, men will create digital journals called 'blogs' in their underground caverns as they struggle to rebuild society. THIS IS SUCH A BLOG."

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